Dr Amanda Montgomery

Holistic Doctor, BSc OT (Hons), MSc (Biomechanics), MBBS (Hons)

I am...

In awe of the human body. I love to watch dancers perform. Not only because of the amazing beauty of the performance but also to see how a body can increase its strength and flexibility when placed under pressure. The body’s ability to be able adapt to injury and change is truly astounding.

A self confessed research nerd. As you spend more time in the field of medicine you are continually aware of how much there is to learn. I like to reflect on the information people give me, research, hit the books and try to piece all of the puzzle together to form something we can work on together to improve their situation.

An active listener. One of the joys of being a doctor is that I have the time to listen to peoples story’s. It’s a privilege to be given this opportunity and I love using that time to be in the moment with the person sitting in front of me.

A person who will never shy away from a challenge. Everyone has their own challenges. The difference is how we deal with it. I like to deal with them head on. I understand that many people come to see me because they have struggled to get a solution to their problems. Together with the people I work with and trust we will keep working to find a solution.

A team player. I love bringing as many people as needed into your team to maximise your function and joy in life!

Dr Amanda Montgomery, Holistic Doctor, BSc OT (Hons), MSc (Biomechanics), MBBS (Hons)

Dr Amanda Montgomery graduated into medicine from the University of Sydney in 2005, however her family ties and love for Perth saw her returning to start her medical career. She worked at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital as a junior doctor, gaining experience in a wide range of fields prior to transitioning to working in Emergency and General Practice. She found that working in both areas allowed her to not only work with the patient, but gain a more inclusive relationship, incorporating their families and loved ones into their treatment process.

Prior to becoming a doctor, Dr Amanda worked and studied in several areas of health. Initially as an Occupational Therapist, being drawn to the profession because it embodied a wholistic nature to therapeutic work. She worked in the field of vocational rehabilitation prior to working alongside chiropractors in a private clinic. The scope of the clientele included patients from an elite sporting background, providing her with the opportunity to work with the Australian Aerobics team and the Western Australian calisthenics and rugby teams. She also applied her knowledge to assist young dancers to maximise their potential. Her love for the Australian lifestyle led to her studying sports science, completing her Masters degree with a specialisation in biomechanics – the structure of the body and the way it moves and functions. This preceded her working as a personal trainer, using her skills to instruct in correct technique and also to motivate her clients, ensuring that her passion for health optimisation became her client’s goal.

Following the completion of her medical training, Dr Amanda completed her Graduate Certificate in Sports Medicine.

Dr Amanda continues to be strongly influenced by her early professional life, acknowledging the need to address the person as a whole, the integration of the psychological, physical, spiritual and functional components of a person, to allow for the maximisation of health and the reduction in disability.


Please note: Due to recent unexpected changes with Medicare rebates, from 1st July 2021 Dr Amanda will be a fully privately-billed doctor which means that consultations, investigation referrals and specialist referrals are unable to be covered by Medicare after this date. All costs associated with your appointments and referred care including blood tests and other investigative testing such as ultrasounds and X-rays will be privately billed and you will receive no Medicare rebates on these. If you wish to book an appointment with Dr Montgomery, please give our team a call on 6468 8149 or book online below.



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