Kacy Mateljan

Naturopathic Clinician + Practice Manager, BHSc (Naturopathy)

I am...

Always learning something new. My friends joke that I am the women of 1000 hobbies. I play piano, rock climb, knit and sew my own clothes, film and edit videos, sing in a choir, embroider, garden and hike. I also have plans to learn pottery and woodwork as one day I would like to try my hand at building my own (tiny) house! My love of learning is what brought me back to study Naturopathy in my early 30’s, because I am simply enthralled in the miracle of the human body and it’s capacity for healing.

Passionate about educating. I think one of the best ways to create lasting and positive change is to educate people in understanding the how’s and the why’s - how they ended up where they are and why they should do the things I am recommending. True success to me is when a patient feels empowered and self-motivated and doesn’t need me anymore! My favourite way of explaining more complex topics is through silly analogies, of which I will always have several up my sleeve, along with extravagant hand gestures!

An introvert. I am at my best when I have plenty of time to myself to recharge, especially in nature. A common misconception is that introverts are shy, but if you have been into the apothecary you will have probably heard my ridiculously loud laugh and seen me popping my head around the corner for a chat. I love the company of others, but for me I am revitalised by solitude and a chance for introspection - and then I can be back at it with a chat or a laugh the next day!

A descendant of healers. I was told recently that I am a descendant of gypsy healers - which explains my lifelong interest in herbal folklore, alchemy and spells (just ask me about a love spell I cast back in 1996!). I believe in the power of healing touch and as a former massage therapist would one day love to incorporate a physical aspect into my work as a naturopath to bring about deeper shifts in health through addressing physical discomfort and energetic blocks in the body that are contributing to poor health.

Kacy Mateljan, Naturopathic Clinician + Practice Manager, BHSc (Naturopathy)

Kacy is a degree-qualified naturopath and clinical herbalist who is passionate about helping people to achieve greater levels of health. After experiencing personal success using natural medicine to improve her own health, Kacy went on to complete a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) with Distinction at Endeavour College of Natural Health in order to fulfil her passion for helping others to achieve the same.

Kacy uses the latest up-to-date pathology testing, including functional and DNA testing, along with evidence-informed treatments in order to treat a broad range of health conditions for those in every stage of their lives. Her special focus is on gut health, healthy hormones, autoimmune conditions and fatigue, as well as providing support and improving vitality for those experiencing the stresses of modern life.

In addition to her naturopathic training, Kacy also has over 15 years experience in medical administration making her the perfect fit to manage Floralia. Bringing together naturopathic knowledge and her love of organisation, Kacy loves to find ways to enhance the experience of those attending Floralia as she believes strongly in the power of a genuine and authentic healing environment to positively impact the health of those who come seeking help.

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