Melissa Hohaia

Naturopathic Clinician, BSc(HB), AdvDip(Nat), AdvDip(WHM), AdvCert (PT)

I am...

Truly invested in all of my patients.

A passionate practitioner.
I love sitting down with my patients and listening to their story – pulling together their past and present medical history and making sense of what is really going on with their health. I always strive to create a heartfelt connection with my patients, offering them a caring and nurturing wellness experience.

Inquisitive by nature.
I am all about digging deep, leaving no stone left unturned, and providing successful solutions. I'm not afraid to have those awkward conversations that even your closest girlfriend isn’t privy to – because if we want to shed light on what’s really going on, we need to chat candidly about all your bodily functions.  I always have a warm cup of tea and a box of tissues on standby – because you never know when you might need to shed a tear (but be warned - I will probably cry along with you!).

I believe in an integrated and personalised treatment approach.  I combine my in-depth knowledge of nutritional science, botanical medicine, and supplements, along with the appropriate pathology testing and lifestyle modifications to support the transformation of my patients’ health. I will never stop learning and asking why.

Results driven.
Nothing lights me up more than achieving the desired results for my patients. I have developed a specific interest in hormonally-driven weight loss resistance and fatigue management.  I have supported countless women in reclaiming their glowing confidence and have successfully guided them towards a level of health that allows them to engage with their true health potential. My intention is to make you feel like you have someone in your corner; invested in your health and cheering you on from the sidelines. This is what lights me up and keeps me doing what I do.

I am a mum to three awesome ‘little people’ and wife to a Kiwi FIFO worker.  I am a born over-achiever, some-what-of-a-perfectionist and I definitely take on more than I should. I care a lot for others, and I am guilty of burning the candle at both ends. I’m real.  Going through the same life challenges as everyone else.

Still working on myself.
I will never profess to having it ‘all together’ and I will never cast judgement. I've had my health struggles too, and I still consider myself a work-in-progress.

I truly believe that the patient-practitioner relationship is such an important part of the treatment. 

Melissa Hohaia, Naturopathic Clinician, BSc(HB), AdvDip(Nat), AdvDip(WHM), AdvCert (PT)

Melissa is a qualified Naturopath and Personal Trainer, with over a decade of clinical experience.

Even in the early days of her career, Melissa had an interest in supporting women to tap into their full potential.  As a personal trainer, she found it increasingly frustrating that some of her clients needed to work extra-hard to achieve their results, while others just came upon them naturally.  This led her to dive deep into the many reasons ‘why’ and find ways to offer these women permanent and sustainable solutions.

By combining her knowledge of the human body, science and natural therapies, Melissa helps her patients uncover what underlying imbalances or health conditions are affecting their wellbeing.  Melissa has developed some very personalised approaches that have allowed her to assist countless people in achieving their health goals.  She walks-the-walk and appreciates that any health journey can be a tough road at times.  Experience with her own health struggles has taught her that good health is not to be taken for granted and that every woman deserves to feel vibrant, confident and connected to what her body needs.


  • Bachelor Science (Human Biology)
  • Advanced Diploma (Naturopathy)
  • Advanced Diploma (Western Herbal Medicine)
  • Advanced Certificate (Personal Training)

 Professional Memberships

  • Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA)

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