Losing weight is not just about fitting into smaller clothes or seeing a smaller number on the scales – it’s about giving your whole body a tune-up. Trust that when you focus on your health, the fat loss will follow.

You get all of this for $650 – that’s only $65 per week to have all the support and guidance you need to achieve your weight loss goal in time for summer

What previous patients have said:

“I started seeing Melissa Hohaia as I needed to lose weight. I had become increasing uncomfortable with the way I looked and felt. I was also concerned with the long-term effects of carrying the extra kilos. I lost over 10 kilos and I am feeling much better for it and have been able to keep it off without any trouble. Melissa was fantastic for keeping me focused in the 10 weeks I was working on this, and I know I could not have done it without her help.
I have found Melissa to be very practical and easy to understand. She gives me a range of options that I can adjust to suit my lifestyle, instead of just telling me what I should do. She has been a great help I look forward to attending the clinic for my future good health."

– Anne

"I'd reached a point where I knew I had to make changes to ensure that I enjoyed life to the full. My extra weight was making me depressed and I felt embarrassed about my size in different environments. From my first consultation with Di, she was compassionate and eager to assist me. She explained the Diet and Exercise plan and I was then ready to give it my best shot. I went at a pace that I was comfortable with but I also followed all of Di's instructions. Di motivated me during my routine visits and helped me with hurdles along the way. I have lost over 20 kilos in under 4 months and I am feeling so much more energetic and happier. It's wonderful to receive so many compliments and I feel I have taken control of my life. Thank you Di!"


"I have had great results with fat/weight loss over the time that I have been seeing Melissa Hohaia. She is approachable and professional. I am continuing on the path to better health. Thank you Melissa."


Diane has really helped me transform my thinking of weightloss through keto. With support from Diane on keto food plans and checkins, as a Foodie I have been able to research great menu options that are super flavoursome, filling and “instagrammable”. Thanks Diane for your ongoing support.


"I first started seeing Mel after I made the decision to take action about my health issues – I had reached a point where I was suffering daily with horrible digestive issues; bloating and nausea, severe headaches and struggling to lose weight, no matter what I tried. I was feeling miserable every single day and reached the point where enough was enough! I felt overwhelmed, broken and like a bit of a failure.
Skip ahead 10 weeks and I am proud of what I have achieved. I am surprised at how easy I have found the changes with Mel’s support and guidance. I found I can substitute some of the foods I used to enjoy, so I never feel deprived. I enjoy preparing meals now, trying out new recipes and experimenting with herbs and spices. I have increased my physical activity and incorporated a resistance circuit routine tailored just for me, based around equipment that I have at home. I am continuing to work on balancing my hormones and being kind to my liver, however the benefits of the program to date include freedom from my horrible digestive issues; a significant reduction in headaches (frequency, duration and severity), reduction of PMT symptoms, weight loss, improved mood, sleeping better and increased energy and vitality.
What I have really appreciated on my journey is the holistic approach to healing, the support and guidance that this program (& Mel!) have offered and I now feel I am able to listen to my body and better understand what it is telling me and what it needs. I have the tools and knowledge to make better lifestyle choices. For me, this is just the beginning of my journey to wellness, but all I can say if you are considering the 10-week program or the seeking the support of a naturopath, you don’t have anything to lose (apart from weight!) and so much to gain (health, wellness and vitality)!"

- Shannon

I am a personal trainer who was stuck in a hole of the same norm! I needed something more.. I needed to feel less tired, less stressed and on top of that cleaner in my body and the way I treated it. Di was phenomenal-listened, heard and manages to tweak things that worked! I started with a detox to clear the toxins. It was tough but Di was phone call or a message away! From there I saw Di every month where I measured and had readings taken. I lost 10kg and felt amazing.

- Jemma

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