The Apothecary Support Squad

Amy, Jodie & Jasmin


Jasmin McManus 

I am...

In your shoes.
I was a patient of Angela’s before I worked at Floralia and I owe everything to Angela for helping me finally get my family. 

A mother of twins. 
Having given birth to a beautiful boy and girl in 2019, I have embarked on the challenging yet rewarding role of being a mum. 

A communicator.
I love a good chat and love to share my ivf journey. 


Amy Parin 

I am...

A nature lover.
I am absolutely in awe of the beauty of nature and the capacity it has to heal us all. I am also happiest and most content doing activities like swimming, walking and running in nature! 

Passionate about holistic health and wellbeing. 
I am an absolute nerd for learning about new health products, the human body and ways we can better support ourselves and our bodies to reach our greatest potential! 

A studying naturopath.
I chose to study to be a naturopath to combine two of my greatest loves- health and nature! It is a truly wonderful combination. It is also my hope and dream that through promoting natural medicine we will inevitably better support and help our environment and ourselves.

Learning, growing and imperfect.
Just like you I am a human being with imperfections, worries and concerns! I have had my fair share of health problems which I have and will continue to work through which makes me human just like you. 

Jodie Mavor

I am...

A Homegrown Kiwi.
The Kiwi in me means that I have a love for helping others and that’s why I will always be found with a smile on my face. 

A knowledge Seeker.
I decided to study naturopathy not because of a personal health issue but a strong desire to help others find and experience greater health.

A new dog mum.
We have just adopted a blue Australian Shepherd named Huxley aka Huckleberry. 

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