Detox Kit

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Homeopathic remedy: Detoxification.

It may assist detoxification and promote the body's elimination function. Combines the following homeopathic remedies to aid in the body's detoxification and elimination functions:

  • Lymphomyosot N: May assist in detoxification, help to maintain peripheral circulation and aid in relieving mild fluid retention
  • Nux vomica-Homaccord: May assist in detoxification and may help to relieve mild digestive disorders
  • Reneel: May assist in detoxification and may help to maintain healthy kidney function



  • Contains ethanol
  • Lymphomyosot includes an iodine-containing ingredient: Caution in presence of thyroid disorder
  • Teucrium may harm the liver in some people - use only under the supervision of a healthcare professional
  • Contains alcohol
  • Homeopathic product


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