Guest Blog Post - The Ultrasound Co | What differentiates a private, independently owned ultrasound specialised clinic?

August 31, 2021 2 min read

In order to provide the most comprehensive health care to our patients, we have built solid relationships with other modalities that complement us and share our vision for a truly holistic healthcare.

One of our specialist collaborators is The Ultrasound Co - a private and independently owned specialist ultrasound practice is Mosman Park and we have invited them today to speak a bit about what differentiates them from the big radiology companies out there. 

What differentiates a private, independently owned ultrasound specialised clinic?
  • First off – Not all ultrasounds are performed equally. Ultrasound as a modality is user dependent and therefore the thoroughness, accuracy, and reliability of the findings from a diagnostic investigation are highly dependent on the skill, experience and knowledge of the sonographer performing the scan. Many larger companies will have less experienced and trainee sonographers, whereas we have the benefit of having highly qualified, knowledgeable, and passionate sonographers with a combined 30 years of experience.
  • We have first-hand seen the medical imaging world change. In recent years there has been a shift from an individualised patient focus to high quantity of protocol scans with variability in sonographer ability and patient management.
  • The Ultrasound Co was founded to bring genuine patient care and correct patient management back as a priority. For the space to be comfortable, inviting and less clinical. For communication with the patient to be open, thorough, and targeted. For the ultrasound investigation to routinely go beyond a ‘protocol scan’ and be catered to the patient’s referral, history, and symptoms to lead to the most thorough investigation possible with the modality. For our reports to be more meaningful and applicable with notes on what the sonographer learns from the patient (we can have 30+ minutes with a patient compared to potentially lesser time with other practitioners).
  • First ultrasound specialised clinic to not be specific to one area. We only offer ultrasound however perform all ultrasound scans as a specialist clinic.
  • Male and Female sonographers as preference for the patient and currently we are able to offer same day appointments as well as Saturdays. 
  • Offering ultrasound services to other unique health professions. Imaging has historically been confounded to GP’s and the Medicare realm. Nowadays there are many allied health, integrative/natural medicine, alternative medicine practices which can benefit from imaging as an adjunct to treatment. We plan to be the first to offer these services to these highly qualified/competent practitioners to better aid their patient’s diagnostic/treatment journey.
  • Bulk-bill GP referral-based scans that are eligible for Medicare rebate. Offer new to market private based offering of scans.

- Calum Grimwood | The Ultrasound Co

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