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  • Rebecca Tanner

    Dip Acupuncture (AHPRA Registered) ; Naturopathic Clinician, ND; Masters of Reproductive Medicine (UNSW); Midwifery BSc (Curtin). Dip.Natural Fertility Management (NFM).

    Rebecca is registered with the majority of health funds, her patients being eligible for private insurance rebates on Acupuncture consultations.

    I am...

    Eclectic  I love to blend Eastern and western medicine.

    Inspired by nature  I am in awe of nature and  believe in the paradigm that in most circumstances “nature knows best” and that given the right conditions the body has the inbuilt capacity to heal itself (and to birth a baby).

    A Mother, Matriarch and Midwife  I am passionate about preconception, fertility and pregnancy care and wanting to reconnect women with the confidence and "tools" to achieve a natural pregnancy/physiological birth. 

    Respectful  I respect my clients and strive to provide genuine care, active listening, balanced information and realistic health goals.

    An Educator  I believe knowledge is power and people have the right to be informed, exercise choice and actively participate in their health care.  

    A lifelong learner I am an avid learner and try to keep up with research and evidence-based information relevant to my practice.

    In terms of calibre, depth-of-experience and a knowledge that is truly beyond measure, Rebecca’s enduring passion for women’s health & well-being, fertility, healthy & happy hormones and maternity care embodies the true essence of our practice.

    Rebecca Tanner has over 20 year’s experience as a Naturopath and Acupuncturist, graduating as a Naturopath from the Sydney College of Natural Therapies in 1990. Her other qualifications include a Bachelor of Science in 'Physiology and Pharmacology' from the University of NSW (UNSW), an Advanced Certificate in Natural Fertility Management (NFM) with world renowned fertility specialist Francesca Naish, and Diploma of Acupuncture. Rebecca has also trained in Maternity and Fertility Reflexology, receiving private tuition from fertility reflexology expert Ashi Edwards (London, UK). More recently Rebecca has qualified and practiced as a Midwife and completed a Masters in Reproductive Medicine at UNSW.

    Being a mother to three gorgeous grown young men has been instrumental in shaping Rebecca’s curiosity and interest in fertility and maternity health and she is often seen helping new mothers with issues in the postpartum period alongside treating babies with colic and children with various immune, digestive, skin and general health issues.

    She truly is an asset to our practice, and by far, one of WA’s most qualified and treasured practitioners in her field.​


    Areas of specialty and approach to treatment

    As a Naturopath and Acupuncturist Rebecca has enjoyed blending various aspects of eastern and western healing traditions in her clinical practice.

    Rebecca is highly experienced in treating a wide range of female health issues, including menopause, PMT, period pain, polycystic ovarian syndrome, endometriosis and hormonal irregularities.

    Rebecca’s specialist training and experience in fertility make her uniquely qualified to provide preconception, infertility, pregnancy and post-natal care. She has extensive experience in working with couples planning for pregnancy or working through fertility issues. She is very passionate about preconception health care and pregnancy planning, and helps couples prepare for a healthy pregnancy. She also sees couples with fertility issues, including unexplained infertility, female fertility issues (such as irregular ovulation, hormonal problems, age-related issues etc) and male fertility issues (such as poor sperm parameters and impotence). Rebecca always seeks to understand the underlying causes of a couple’s fertility issue, by fully assessing the health of both individuals, including their nutritional status, toxicity exposure and their general health. 

    She often conducts functional testing if required, which can include hormone testing, heavy metal and mineral testing, blood tests, gene tests, comprehensive sperm testing, and further medical investigations with a patient’s doctor. Taking a holistic approach to treatment, Rebecca uses acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutritional medicine, diet and lifestyle guidance combined to address the underlying problems and improve overall health and vitality.

    Once a patient becomes pregnant, Rebecca relishes the opportunity to assist and support with a healthy pregnancy - for both mother and baby. She has experience in the treatment of common problems during pregnancy such as morning sickness, haemorrhoids, digestive problems, back pain, breech position and post-date inductions. She also helps mother’s achieve optimal nutrition and vitality during pregnancy and can help advise on birth planning.

    Rebecca often helps new mothers with issues in the postpartum period and enjoys treating babies with colic and children with various immune, digestive, skin and general health issues.


    • Dip Acupuncture, Ahpra Registered 

    • Naturopathic Clinician, ND

    • Masters of Reproductive Medicine (UNSW)

    • Midwifery BSc (Curtin)

    • Dip.Natural Fertility Management (NFM)

    Professional Memberships

    • ATMS (Australian Natural Therapies Australia)

    • AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency - Acupuncture)


    Reproductive Health + Fertility
    • Preconception eduction

    • Hormonal health and balance

    • Fertility support

    • PCOS, endometriosis and fibroids

    IVF Support Acupuncture
    • Stress relief
    • Egg quality and sperm health
    • Pre and post embryo transfer acupuncture
      Pregnancy + Birth Acupuncture
      • Morning sickness
      • Pregnancy anaemia
      • Pregnancy aches and pains
      • Preparation for birth
      • Breech baby
      • Induction of labour
      • Postpartum care
        General Acupuncture
        • Stress
        • Low mood, anxiety and worry
        • Digestion
        • Headaches
        • Musculoskeletal
          Professional Activities
          • Researcher
          • Lecturer and Clinical Supervisor at Nature Care College (NSW) and Endeavour College (WA)
          • Educator and Trainer at Blackmores
          • Guest Lecturer for Midwifery at Curtin University (WA)