What we eat and how it is digested is the fuel for our body.  Much like a tree grows well in good soil, we too need the right soil to reach our full potential.  When your gut isn’t functioning well, instead of providing nutrition, it becomes a source of toxicity and any cell, organ or system of the body can display symptoms of distress. 

Some signs that your gut needs support include you experience some of these...




reflux and indigestion


abdominal pain


belching and burping

feeling full after meals

food sensitivities/intolerances

eczema and skin rashes

bad breath

unexplained weight loss or gain


Your digestive system also contains a trillion bacteria.  It is a highly organised micro-environment, and we cannot live without them.  When they are damaged or out of balance the gut barrier is compromised and can allow toxins and maldigested proteins to enter the bloodstream, causing symptoms often not related to digestion.  This can also promote malnourished states as vital nutrients are not processed properly or available to the body for metabolic use.

To get on top of your digestive symptoms we recommend you speak to one of our highly trained naturopaths to get your gut health checked so we can get you on the right track

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