Diane Pascoe

Naturopathic Clinician, ND, DipAppSc (Naturopathy) 1992, Dip (Herbalism), Dip (Homoeopathy)

I am...

The soft place to land during a crisis, ill health or just having a bad day.

Devoted. Many of my clients give me the privilege of serving them for 10, 15 or even 28 years. Trust is of prime importance.

Collaborative. This is an aspect of my approach where I seek information from the experts (or them from me) and refer to the best when required. I work with and receive referrals from GP’s, medical specialists and OT’s.

Tuned-in. As part of the consultation process. It is all about the client being heard, understood and having time.

Fired-up. I love the feeling of firing on all cylinders…feeling well, emotionally balanced, cognitively sharp, fit and lots of energy to have fun especially now that I am in my 50’s. That’s what I want for my clients.

Traditional. While appreciating the latest research and evidence-based treatment protocols I believe a traditional naturopathic approach has its place.

Experienced. Whether overcoming debilitating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, losing my Mother to an inoperable brain tumour at a young age, having 2 children 14 months apart and having to wrestle with PCOS to conceive them, working collaboratively with OT’s to help my son overcome processing issues and ADD, supporting a very busy husband where sometimes sleep and food deprivation is par for the course. These experiences have given me an understanding the limits of naturopathy but more so the tremendous power and potential a natural approach provides. 

Diane PascoeNaturopathic Clinician, ND, DipAppSc (Naturopathy) 1992, Dip (Herbalism), Dip (Homoeopathy)

Diane was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in 1984 and so began Diane’s health journey and path to a career as a Naturopath. Diane began practicing in Nedlands, Kojonup and Katanning in 1993.
Diane has tremendous empathy and experience with helping clients overcome Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and fatigue in all its form.

As a traditional naturopath, treating the digestive system and gut has always been a very high priority. With increasing research and evidence relating to the importance of probiotics, prebiotics, diet impact on gut function and the microbiome overall, this has added to Diane’s keen interest and successful outcomes with conditions such as IBS, SIBO, malabsorption and other gut and digestive issues.
Ageing well and prevention of disease are also of great interest to Diane.   Over many years of practice, Diane has observed conditions that tend to appear over time such as heart disease, cancer, arthritis, middle age spread or blood sugar disorders. With a strong focus on the attainment of lean muscle mass, providing dietary advice and tools for stress management all contribute to facing the aging process with strength and vigour. Diane is mindful of prescribing safely while clients are taking medication or under medical care and has a good working relationship with members of the medical profession. Diane works in a complementary manner which makes both the client and medical practitioner feel at ease. 

Diane has a passion for working with children, whether it relates to immunity, cognitive or behavioural issues. 

Diane gives a great deal of attention to the mind-body connection. Stress, anxiety and depression all have a profound impact on overall health; so this is always addressed as part of the healing process or protocol to wellness. This may include recommending a psychiatrist or other therapist that Diane considers a “good fit”; meditation/breathing techniques; nervine herbs or just a particular book to read.

Feeling well is about feeling good in every way and ENJOYING the process as you get there.


  • Graduated from Perth Academy of Natural Therapies with a Diploma of Applied Science (Naturopathy)
  • Diploma of Herbal Medicine
  • Diploma of Homoeopathy
  • Post Graduate-Classical Homoeopathy (Bengal Allen Medical Institute, Calcutta, India)
  • Post Graduate-Iridology (Bernard Jensen, Poughkeepsie, New York, USA)


Professional Memberships and History

  • Fellow of Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA)
  • Former state chair of ANTA
  • Former National Homoeopathy chair of ANTA
  • Member Federation of Homoeopaths
  • Former lecturer at Perth Academy of Natural Therapies
  • Complementary Medicine Practitioner Association Council

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