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  • Angela Hywood

    Naturopathic Clinician, Founder, ND; BSc.(Complementary Medicine); AdvDip.(Herbal Medicine); Dip.(Homoeopathy);  Dip.Natural Fertility Management (NFM); P.Grad.Dip.(Clinical Nutrition)

    Our founder Angela Hywood is a highly recognised and globally respected naturopathic authority with over 25 years’ experience in clinical practice, international education and authorship.

    I am...

    A truth seeker, with a deep-seated desire to understand the WHY. Getting to the actual root cause of your health issues, fuels my every day.

    Purposeful, with clear vision, strong focus, concentration on goals and how we can achieve them, together.

    In service, to you and to humankind. The work in holistic health and epigenetics not only makes a huge difference now, but for the next generation of humankind, as well.

    Perseverant. I will always go the extra mile for you - no matter what goals or health and fertility obstacles we may face together.

    Committed. I strive for 100% in delivering results and healthy babies.

    Profoundly curious, with an endless passion for the wonders of the natural world.

    A Mother, of two healthy, consciously planned children; both conceived over the age of 40.

    Constantly evolving, learning and growing. It’s what keeps life interesting!

    Angela Hywood, Naturopathic Clinician, Founder, ND; BSc.(Complementary Medicine); AdvDip.(Herbal Medicine); Dip.(Homoeopathy);  Dip.Natural Fertility Management (NFM); P.Grad.Dip.(Clinical Nutrition)

    Angela is a Naturopathic Clinician and mother of two beautiful children.  She has been in clinical practice specialising in women’s and children’s health, hormones and fertility for over 25 years.

    Angela offers private consultations and while she specialises in the health of women and children, she is experienced in all areas of general practice. 

    Angela believes in the importance of integrating western and natural medicine to ensure a healthier, brighter and abundant future for all. She is deeply passionate about supporting clients on their journey to their most well and balanced self and utilises nutritional medicine, herbal medicine, lifestyle modifications and patient empowerment to achieve long-term positive change.

    When it comes to fertility, Angela has remarkable success helping hundreds of couples to overcome their fertility hurdles and reclaim their dream of parenthood. Angela is widely published in this area.

    Angela takes a comprehensive and highly personalised approach, utilising pathology testing, clinical analysis and diagnostic insight to understand and decipher your needs and design the best approach to treatment for you. Angela uses medical pathology as a means to provide evidence before acting on treatment, which shifts the practice of naturopathy from an intuitive art to a practical and evidence-based science.

    Angela has completed extensive advanced trainings and is a sought-after lecturer, keynote speaker, author and educator to her peers worldwide.


    • BHSc (Complimentary Medicine; Naturopathy)
    • Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy
    • Advanced Diploma of Western Herbal Medicine
    • Advanced Diploma of Clinical Nutrition
    • Diploma of Natural Fertility Management
    • Diploma of Homoeopathy (Classical)
    • Certificate of Counselling

    Professional Memberships

    • Fellow, National Herbalists Association of Australia (FNHAA)
    • Australian Natural Medicine Association (ATMS)
    • Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (ACNEM)
    • American Perinatal Naturopathic Association
    • Perinatal Society of Australia and New Zealand
    • Fertility Society of Australia (FSA)


    Reproductive Health + Fertility

    Angela is an experienced and highly respected clinician who specialises in fertility, pregnancy and reproductive health for men and women.

    Angela takes the time and effort to work closely with each client’s healthcare team including their GP, specialists and other health professionals. Fertility specialists and IVF clinics regularly refer patients to Angela, and she has strong collaborative links with specialist centres throughout Australia.

    • Reproductive disorders for both men and women
    • General fertility, conception and preconception care
    • Infertility
    • Miscarriage prevention and treatment
    • IVF/ART support
    • Pregnancy, labour and breastfeeding
    • Post-partum care
    • Genetic disorders
    • Endocrine disorders including thyroid, adrenal and blood sugar issues

    Endocrinology + Mental Health

    • Stress
    • Chronic fatigue
    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Thyroid health
    • Adrenal health

    Family Medicine + Paediatrics

    • General Naturopathic health care for the whole family

    Professional Activities

    • Author, Elsevier Publishers International
      • Botanical Medicine for Women's Health, Aviva Romm, 2017- Chapters PCOS; Fertility
      • Advanced Clinical Naturopathic Medicine, 1st Edition, 2020- Chapter Miscarriage
    • Education Consultant, MediHerb, USA and AUS, NZ.
    • Contributing author to a number of journal publications
    • Lecturer and keynote speaker at numerous conferences

    Please note:  
    Angela Hywood's books are currently closed to international patients. If you are a new patient in Australia you can book below. If you have an enquiry about clinical mentorship, please email hello@floraliawellness.com.au. All appointments on Tuesdays with Angela will be Telehealth, please state your preference of Zoom or Phone when booking.