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    "Period positivity" is a subject we embrace with great care and passion at our practice, and our approach to teenage wellness for girls is designed to inspire curiosity, wonder and appreciation for the changes of puberty and the onset of "wonderfully healthy" periods.

    We nurture body connection, puberty and menstrual wellbeing with openness and practical, positive information, combined with the simple wonders of natural medicines. 

    Heavy periods

    Irregular periods

    Period pain

    Acne and skin breakouts

    Emotional ups and downs



    Cycle Education

    Eating Habits

    Many girls will start their periods before they finish primary school, and many more will be wondering when they are going to start; this can often come with anxiety and worry. 

    We take great pride in providing fun, practical and engaging period and menstrual cycle health education for divine daughters . Our simple approach to teenage natural medicine delivers great results within just a few cycles.

    Sadly, a majority of girls anticipate the arrival of their periods with great dread, disgust, embarrassment and even shame, rather than a celebration of entering the divine world of womanhood. 

    Sadder still, some young girls experience period-shaming and bullying around the changes in puberty and an overwhelming proportion of women report a negative, poorly supported experience of menarche which even today, hasn’t improved for young girls going through puberty.

    The dialogue around this needs to change. Let’s change this for our girls.

    Together, let’s build self-esteem, positive body image, confidence in relationships and empowerment to make healthy choices. Let’s help them have 100% healthy hormones and periods. Let’s set them up for success.

    We are passionate about preparation for menstruation, body literacy, menstrual management and self-care as a natural and easy part of a girl’s life.

    We can't wait to meet you and your daughters….and show you the “Floralia” way to the GREATEST PERIODS EVER!