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  • Our Approach

    Home to some of Australia’s most highly qualified and impassioned practitioners, Floralia Wellness adopts a considered holistic and integrative approach, intended to personalise your wellness experience and guide you on your way.  

    The time-honoured wisdoms of Western and Eastern philosophies, integrative naturopathic principles, medical services, clinical nutrition, acupuncture, Chinese medicine and pathology testing, underscore the essence of our approach.

    We pride ourselves on having fostered respected relationships with some of Australia’s leading medical specialists, each focusing on proven evidence-based strategies to address your health, hormone and fertility needs.

    Akin to a warm and supportive network of empowered women, our reception and administrative staff, along with our clinicians, are committed to putting you first.

    We treat with a combination of botanical medicines, quality practitioner-only supplements, acupuncture, traditional Chinese herbal medicine, high diet and lifestyle medicines, and our own range of meticulously formulated medicines prescribed in response to our patients' unique needs.