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  • Story of Floralia


    Mythical, divinely feminine and the quintessential earth mother - Floralia shares its magical name with the annual Ancient Roman festival in honour of the goddess Flora. 

    Symbolising flowers and the coming of springtime, Flora was a goddess of plants, fertility and life-cycles – the very qualities which envelop our ethos of unearthing the true feminine self, of celebrating re-birth, transformation and the very essence of honouring the purity of natural wellness.

    Blessed with a carefully curated team of highly coveted practitioners, Floralia is revered for its deep understanding of women’s health, hormones, fertility and pregnancy, and children’s wellbeing.

    Driven by core values of integrity, growth, and environmental responsibility, our team is a collective of mindful, passionate individuals committed to supporting women to find their alignment in wellness with offerings of Integrative Medicine, Naturopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.

    Our founder Angela Hywood is a highly recognised and globally respected naturopathic authority with over 25 years’ experience in clinical practice, international education and authorship.

    Angela’s long-held dream and vision of building a truly bespoke and ethereal wellness space was born in 2019 with the creation of Floralia Wellness.

    Nestled within the charming Chelsea Village, a well-known landmark in the Nedlands community – Floralia’s feminine and nurturing signature aesthetic, coupled with an enduring passion for women’s health, are the cornerstones of its unique consultation experience.