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    Your health is the corner stone of your family’s health and they rely in you to be as fit, healthy, and strong as you can be – both physically and mentally.

    We offer evidence-based, research driven naturopathic medicine, clinical nutrition, traditional Chinese medicine & acupuncture

    We can support you in a variety of areas, including:





    Weight Loss

    Hormonal well being


    Heart health

    Optimal brain function

    Men’s Fertility

    Our approach not only caters for women, but we take a proactive approach to men’s fertility too.

    Sperm is 50% of the fertility equation and yet sperm quality is often overlooked as an element of fertility success. 

    We can support you with evidence-based natural medicine to support sperm count, morphology, motility and reduced DNA fragmentation.

    We understand that the fertility process can be emotionally and physically demanding; we are here to optimise your chances of success and make the process as supported and successful as possible, while taking your general wellbeing and lifestyle into consideration.

    As members of the Fertility Society of Australia, we have extensive post-graduate education in the field of reproductive medicine.

    Acupuncture for Men’s Fertility

    Research studies show that courses of acupuncture, eight weeks prior to sperm collection, can improve sperm motility and morphology which can significantly increase fertilisation rates when compared to patients who do not have acupuncture treatment. 

    Our exceptionally qualified practitioners are highly skilled in the practice of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture and Chinese herbs, and along with these modalities, he extends a special interest in men’s health, together with male and female fertility support.

    Ultimately, we are here to help you create a healthy family and feel your very best and optimal self.