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  • Kind Words

    Daisy Ridley, British Actress of Star Wars films

    I was about to film after a long time off and wanted to make sure I was ready physically for the intensity of the schedule, so I was sent Laura's way by my trainer, Matt. Laura was really encouraging, gave me extensive food notes and recommended supplements, (properly) clean body care companies, and even a transportable water filter. Some months later, I recommended Laura to my mum I had been so pleased with the outcome of my session, and my mum feels exactly the same.


    Juliette Loughran, new mother

    Laura is amazing!  She is without doubt the reason I had such a calm and healthy pregnancy, her advice and knowledge was invaluable.  From the very beginning of my pregnancy we discussed diet, exercise and supplements and tweaks things throughout.  Now Athena is four months we've started to talk weening which has already shifted something I found quite daunting into something we're really excited about.  I would (and do) recommend Laura to everyone.  I have no doubt she can make a huge difference to anyone, even the healthiest of people.



    Just wanted to say thank you again for supporting me through my final pregnancy, I’m so grateful for your existence and all the work you do! I’m not sure where we would be if we didn’t find Floralia Wellness, it really is a special thing you do there and I hope you truly understand what a difference you make to peoples lives


    Mrs DB

    Angela! You are an angel and amazing healer. I should have had you send your herbs long ago. Within the first cycle on the herbs I had a perfect 30day cycle - 4 day bleed! My mood is back to perfect and energy amazing, this is my body’s perfect blend! Second cycle just finished and perfect as well. I cannot thank you enough. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

    Megan Tuohey

    In 2012 I was at a critical point in my pursuit of motherhood. I had been advised that I would never fall pregnant naturally, due to a very small number of eggs despite my youngish age of 32. Additionally, I had a low level of the relevant hormones required to fully mature any eggs I did have, up to the point that fertilisation could actually occur. I had never, ever fallen pregnant, despite trying for 5 years. I was a stranger in a new city and did not know where to start. A friend connected me with Angela, who changed our lives. Angela used empirical evidence to get to know my body, through blood work and other medical information. Sitting down with my husband, she created an approach that honed in on both of our needs. She connected us with the best IVF doctor in Sydney and promised she wouldn't rest until I was holding a baby in my arms. I could have cried with gratitude. I fell pregnant off the first cycle of the 1st egg I was able to have harvested, off the highest dose of hormones available to me. My son is now 3.5. My IVF specialist was wary when I mentioned my dream for two children. He said he would try 3 times for me. That it was unlikely. My husband and I followed his guidelines to wean my son at 6 months, and start the IVF protocol at 8 months. I had been under Angela's care this entire time. She made sure I had enough milk for my son, and nutrients for my body to recover quickly enough to fall pregnant a second time. 

    This time I retrieved 2 eggs, and both fertilised. Both eggs were perfect and on the first cycle my second darling boy was conceived and arrived healthy and happy in May 2015. I have no doubt that my family was created because of Angela's experience and wisdom. She takes a holistic partnership based approach that allows for medicine to exist with natural therapies. She is kind and smart and one of those women that you feel blessed to have on your team. I highly recommend her.

    Tara Shillan

    After 15 years battling debilitating digestive issues - and many wrong diagnoses - I was lucky enough to be introduced to the incredible Angela. With her wealth of knowledge and experience, and her amazing ability to mix homeopathic and modern medicine, we quickly established the cause and worked to eliminate the issues while also rebuilding my gut and getting my health back on track. Angela has been my number 1 'go to' person since then whether it's immune related, hormonal or a deficiency of some sort. I literally could not recommend Angela more - she is a ray of sunshine & her holistic approach to health is incredibly effective.

    The Jury Family

    Our family first started seeing Angela when our 20 year old daughter, Kelly, who had been suffering numerous health problems for 4 years was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome and then a few months later, ulcerative colitis. In the 4 years prior to Kelly seeing Angela, Kelly had seen several doctors, specialists and other naturopaths but unfortunately had not had many health improvements. It wasn't until she saw Angela and got a true understanding of how she could treat and manage all of these issues in the best possible natural way.

    Both myself and my husband also now see Angela. I finally have my fibroids under control and have avoided having a hysterectomy due to Angela's treatment plan. My husband luckily has never had any major health issues but wants to make sure by seeing Angela and following basic health principles and taking the right balance of supplements that he will stay on top of his health as he goes into his fifties and continues in a high stressed job.

    Angela is easy to talk to and has a real empathy for what one is going through. Her knowledge of natural remedies is amazing and her treatment plans are well explained and written out for one to follow. Angela always has appointments available and being able to have Skype appointments is so convenient.

    I would highly recommend Angela to anyone who is interested in using naturopathy for their improved health. Without Angela we would be lost, especially as parents we want the best possible treatment not only for ourselves but even more so for our kids and Angela has been there for us and I know will continue to be a part of all of our health journeys.

    Kevin, Marlene and Kelly

    Noa Ries

    I was fortunate to meet beautiful Angela about 5 years ago. At the time, I had a toddler and a business about to launch and I was completely wiped out. Through her nurturing mix of eastern and western medicines, Angela helped me treat my complete Adrenal Fatigue, get my menstrual cycle back on track and begin to feel like the best version of myself. Several months after beginning treatment with Angela, I ended up falling pregnant naturally with my second child which came as a rather big shock since I underwent several rounds of IVF to conceive the first time. Again, Angela through her warm and nurturing ways helped me through my pregnancy, kept me thriving and healthy while my business began to take off and truly enabled me to be my healthiest and most happy self.

    I adore Angela and her warm, gentle but effective methods and I continue to recommend her to all my friends even while I now live in Australia. 

    Founder of The Nook

    Apothecary Testimonial

    That little bottle of magic you mixed up for my cold is amazing! I went downhill on Friday and managed to get 3 doses in, felt like crap that night and went to bed at 8pm. Woke up the next morning feeling fantastic. Amazing stuff! Thank you! x

    Breanna H

    From the bottom of my heart...thank God the world has beautiful and intelligent souls like you. Over the last few years I have become very disheartened and frustrated by the medical world, but within just 2 appointments, I feel supported, hopeful and heard. I feel so lucky to have been led to you, thank you.


    Thank you so much for assisting us through IVF, we feel you had a huge contribution to making our baby. Our hearts areso full of love and happiness and we are so thankful we found you!

    Dr Joo Teoh

    Angela Hywood is a very talented naturopathic clinician with an amazing CV, providing a holistic care especially in the areas of women's health, fertility and pregnancy.

    Claire Yow

    A huge thank you to Floralia Wellness for helping me create this perfect human. And for giving me a holistic and integrative approach to healing my gut. The wellness clinic is stunning space to heal and shop and the new website is beautifully designed. Floralia is is my absolute go to for keeping me balanced and healthy.

    Nov 2020

    Thank you so much for your holistic approach and guidance, we are SO thrilled to let you know that since increasing protein in our daughter's meals and giving her the Adalase - she’s been sleeping for 8 hours straight! My partner and I are absolutely astonished by this dramatic change and we have enjoyed the best sleep we’ve had in the last 20 months. This is by far the longest stretch of sleep she has every had. So thank you thank you thank you so much. I’m so glad I followed my instincts to meet you and am so grateful for your work. 

    'S' Dec 2021

    I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me get towards good health today. For years I’ve been told by GP’s that it’s in my head or it’s all within normal ranges and results are just brushed off. You are the first person to listen and give me hope of better health. I don’t just want to go on prescription meds in the future, I would like to prevent disease if possible and be in good health. Thanks very much for guiding me in this journey which started with conception and moving towards life changing in a different way.