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  • Front of House Team

    Front of house team at Floralia Wellness

    Front of house team at Floralia Wellness 


    Tyrone Stott

    I am...

    Passionate about food & wine.
    So much so, I created a 20-year strong career from this passion, before moving to manage Floralia Wellness.

    Committed to service and your experience. Having come from hospitality, where impeccable customer experience is paramount, I aim to ensure your wellness experience with the Floralia team is honest, meaningful, and impeccable.

    A father and husband.
    Father of two healthy and very busy school kids and husband of our founder, Angela Hywood. To the men out there, I’ve done the men’s preconception health program twice over!

    Dedicated to a growing wellness medicine business that really makes a difference in people’s lives. Wellness medicine is the way of the future. We help people realise their dreams of optimal health and help couples create healthy happy families. That feels great.


    Marilyn Milsom

    I am...

    I am forever curious.
    There is  a concept I learned during my yoga teacher training derived from Zen Buddhism called “Shoshin”, it is the concept of having a beginner’s mindset. Remaining open and eager, without preconceptions, to the world around you. I believe we can learn so much from each other, the natural world and even our own bodies if we stay open and curious. 

    I am a naturopath student.
    My passion for health and wellbeing have been guiding principles in my life and I am so excited to be turning my passion into a career. I love helping people thrive.

    I am passionate about the environment.
    I spend a lot of time outdoors, whether it is camping, practicing yoga in the sun, surfing, sailing or hiking, I love connecting with nature. It is from this place of connection I have become passionate about protecting our beautiful planet by reducing waste and making conscious decisions. 


    Amy Parin 

    I am...

    A nature lover.
    I am absolutely in awe of the beauty of nature and the capacity it has to heal us all. I am also happiest and most content doing activities like swimming, walking and running in nature! 

    Passionate about holistic health and wellbeing. 
    I am an absolute nerd for learning about new health products, the human body and ways we can better support ourselves and our bodies to reach our greatest potential! 

    A studying naturopath.
    I chose to study to be a naturopath to combine two of my greatest loves- health and nature! It is a truly wonderful combination. It is also my hope and dream that through promoting natural medicine we will inevitably better support and help our environment and ourselves.

    Learning, growing and imperfect.
    Just like you I am a human being with imperfections, worries and concerns! I have had my fair share of health problems which I have and will continue to work through which makes me human just like you. 


    Rachel Horn

    I am...

    A mum of two with a passion for children's and women's health.
    I am passionate about helping women, children and families achieve optimal health and wellbeing through natural therapies and medicine.

    A student nutritionist.
    I am currently completing a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine) and have completed an Advanced Certificate in Nutrition. These fields of study allow me to pursue my goal of becoming a Clinical Nutritionist that specialises in supporting women, children and families.

    A nature lover who is committed to lifelong learning.
    I am committed to lifelong learning and enjoy keeping up to date and expanding my knowledge of natural medicine. In my free time, I love to spend time with my family and friends, garden, bush walk, snorkel, try new recipes and travel.


    Zoë Vigors

    I am...

    A student naturopath.
    Helping others has always brought me the most fulfillment in life. I studied my Diploma of Nursing during my final two years of high school in regional WA, and very early on into this career, I realised that I could combine my passions with my sheer desire to help others, which saw me move to Perth, to study my BHSc in Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine, and now post – graduate studies in Naturopathy.

    A lover of routine.
    It has always been a huge priority of mine to nourish my mind, body, and soul. I thrive in a busy lifestyle, so it is really important that I do my best to stick to routine, to keep me both grounded and sane. Whether that be my super dramatic night-time routine, or my non-negotiable croissant on a Sunday morning, it all plays a role in keeping me in check and helps with my daily performance.

    A textbook libra.
    Whether you’re into star - signs or not, I can confidently say I am the definition of a libra. I am social, witty, inquisitive, a great listener, a conflict avoider, and an absolute sucker for aesthetics – aren’t I lucky to work in such a beautiful space!


    Chelsea Tidman

    I am...

    Guided by my curiosity.
    I love learning new things and I try to approach everything in my life as a student first. I was thrilled when the opportunity came up for me to be part of the team at Floralia. Being immersed in so many areas of the business always keeps things interesting and I’m forever learning. Saying I'm lucky to work in a such a beautiful space with an incredible team is an understatement.

    Fascinated by all things wellness-related.
    From as early as I can remember, I was fascinated by the human body, which led me to study nutrition at university and becoming a certified yoga instructor. Throughout years of study and self-discovery, I’ve learned that health is much broader than what you eat and how you exercise. Wellness truly is an inside job, extending to your mindset, sleep, relationships, stress levels and so much more. My whole perception of being “healthy” has shifted drastically with the greatest focus on how I feel inside.

    Passionate about creating.
    I love combining my passion for nutrition and health with creating through content creation and recipe development. From a young age I always loved being in the kitchen creating recipes, it's where I find I can unwind after a busy day. I love to cook intuitively and experimentally and it usually works out well....with the odd epic fail every now and then!

    A believer that everything works out.
    I love what Morgan Harper Nichols wrote, “Over rivers and valleys, mountains and plains-over all you have lost and all you have gained. Over all you have gathered, and all you let go, you have traveled at length through the wild of unknowns. And through all that is changing you can see you have grown....”. Life gives us experiences, beautiful and difficult ones, that help shape us for what our future holds.