Consultation Experience

Everyone who enters our practice will be invited take a breath, relax, and sip on an aromatic cup of herbal tea. Floralia is a safe place to share things you may not have shared before and we will listen with intention and the respect that you deserve.

Our breadth of education, wealth of clinical experience, in addition to our appreciation and understanding of research, means your consultation may include standard and functional pathology interpretation, liaison with a GP and other relevant health care professionals.
We work in collaboration with GPs and specialists to help streamline testing, and this too will help keep costs more affordable.
Once your booking has been confirmed, a link to our streamline intake documents will be sent to you prior to your first consultation. In-order to prepare thoroughly, it is recommended you obtain copies of your previous medical blood test records from the past 12-18 months.
We will use our time wisely together.  The more organised and prepared you are for your consultations, the more value you will get out of them, which will ultimately fast-track your wellness journey.

Naturopathic Consultations

An initial consultation with our highly experienced naturopath will consider your
medical history, current diet, lifestyle and any symptoms you may be experiencing and
interpretation of any testing you may already have. From this, a personalised treatment
plan will be formulated, this may include dietary and lifestyle changes, herbal medicines
and/or nutritional supplements and may include a referral for assessments. We always
ensure you have a thorough understanding of how to implement the advice given and feel
confident in your treatment plan.

Both partners will require individual their own consultations for preconception care and fertility support. If you’d like to come in together, please ask reception for a “double initial”, otherwise, it’s okay to come in at separate appointment times. If you are not a couple, we welcome you too. We offer support for singles on their baby journey & fertility preservation.

Why we need the time

It takes two to make a baby.

We pride ourselves on taking a thorough, considered and holistic approach, digging deep into the importance of timelines and history to really understand and find the barrier to abundant health and fertility. We work with a multi-system approach to find and address the root cause, empowering you through education around diet and nutrition and coaching for change which all comes together to improve our patient success rate. As such, we require individual consultations with each partner to explore and optimise fertility and your success rates.

A quick note: We most often refer to a woman’s partner or mate in the masculine for simplicity of writing, however, our intention is inclusive. If your family looks different, we hope you see yourselves in our words. All families are welcome; everyone is welcome at Floralia.

Ongoing naturopathic consultations will be spaced according to the treatment plan and
progress that is made, usually at fortnightly, monthly or six-week intervals. During a
follow-up consultation, your treatment plan will be updated to effectively optimise your
health. You will also be informed of any diagnostic information gathered. At the end of
your consult you will leave feeling inspired, empowered and confident to implement

Fertility & Preconception Consultations

This consultation is ideal for people who are planning to start trying to conceive, or people who have already started trying to conceive, undergoing IVF.

Your initial consultation will take a complete, in-depth, 360-degree assessment of your
health and fertility journey so far. It will involve assessment of your medical history, your
family health history, your menstrual health and general health. Pathology tests will be
examined and interpreted, and referrals given for further blood, urine, saliva and semen
testing, where required. To complete your consultation, you’ll receive a personalised fertility
diet recommendation, lifestyle modifications and a treatment plan, including botanical and
homoeopathic medicines and nutritional supplements where required. You will leave your
appointment feeling heard, empowered and more confident on your path to a baby.

Follow up consultations are 30-45 minutes in length and usually held at monthly intervals.
During these consultations your Floralia practitioner will guide you through menstrual cycle
charting, support you in your understanding of your menstrual health and fertility, and coach
you through the various changes you may be making to enhance your fertility. Tests will be
referred and interpreted as necessary.

15-minute consultations are available for children and adults with acute illnesses such as
earaches, digestive upsets, cold and flu or other complaints. These consultations are also
available to discuss test results in between appointments if required. Acute/results
consultations may be conducted via telemedicine for existing patients.

Telemedicines (Zoom or phone)

Consultations with our clinical team are available via telemedicine (Zoom or phone). Initial consultations and ongoing treatments are conducted via an identical manner to our normal consult procedures. Fees and charges are the same as our face-to-face consultations. As we care for patients world-wide, we are well-versed with coordinating treatment plans and sourcing medication from afar.


To find out more about our fees, please contact our reception team on 08 6468 8149.

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