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    Floralia’s fertility specialist team – Angela Hywood, and Natalie Pickering have spent over 25 years working with couples and their IVF specialists to support them through IVF and other assisted reproductive technologies. 

    Not only do we support your nutritional and medical requirements, but we are here to be your fertility advocate. Learning the language of IVF can be a daunting and overwhelming experience and we are here to help you navigate that world. Reducing stress means better success rates.

    Home to some of Australia’s most highly qualified and impassioned practitioners, Floralia Wellness adopts a considered holistic and integrative approach, intended to personalise your wellness experience and guide you on your way.  

    Studies have shown that naturopathic medicine and acupuncture enhance IVF outcomes. 

    Proven protocols include preconception care, egg collection support, pre- and post-embryo transfer, implantation success and miscarriage prevention.

    We work closely with your medical and specialist professionals to ensure success and safety of treatment.

    We pride ourselves on the trusted relationships with leading medical fertility specialists Australia-wide. 

    We look beyond your reproductive system to ensure your body, as a whole, is at its best for conception and pregnancy success.

    Our focus is getting you back in the driver’s seat, to help you be more fertile, more confident, and more positive. You will always be met with warmth and compassion throughout your journey to your baby.

    It takes two | Men’s Fertility

    Our approach not only caters for women, but we take a proactive approach to men’s fertility. 

    Sperm is 50% of the fertility equation and sperm quality is often overlooked as an element of fertility success. We can support you with evidence-based natural medicine to support sperm count, morphology, motility and reduced DNA fragmentation.

    We understand that the IVF process can be emotionally and physically demanding. We are here to optimise your chances of success and make the process as supported and successful as possible.

    We are members of the Fertility Society of Australia and have extensive post-graduate education in the field of reproductive medicine.

    We are here to help you.

    Both partners will require their own individual consultations for preconception care and fertility support. If you’d like to come in together, please ask reception for a “double initial”, otherwise, it’s okay to come in at separate appointment times. 
    If you are not a couple, we welcome you too. We offer support for singles on their baby journey & fertility preservation.

    Why we need the time

    It takes two to make a baby.
    We pride ourselves on taking a thorough, considered and holistic approach, digging deep into the importance of timelines and history to really understand and find the barrier to abundant health and fertility. We work with a multi-system approach to find and address the root cause, empowering you through education around diet and nutrition and coaching for change which all comes together to improve our patient success rate. As such, we require individual consultations with each partner to explore and optimise fertility and your success rates.

    A quick note

    We most often refer to a woman’s partner or mate in the masculine for simplicity of writing, however, our intention is inclusive. If your family looks different, we hope you see yourselves in our words. All families are welcome; everyone is welcome at Floralia.