Milk Mumma Tea


Feel prepared and supported for your breastfeeding journey. Our loving prepared loose leaf herbal tea has been formulated by master herbalist and naturopath, Angela Hywood. This formula has been perfected over 25 years of clinical experience and will support you to produce abundant rich breastmilk for your baby. Our Breastmilk boosting tea is designed to help support milk supply and help soothe your babies digestion

Directions for use: Place 1 teaspoon of dried herb into an infuser, tea pot or plunger. Add 1 cup of freshly boiled water. Steep for 5-10 minutes. Strain and drink 1-3 cups per day

Ingredients: Fennel seed, Goats Rue, Caraway seed, Spearmint leaf, Nettle leaf, Rose Petal & Moringa leaves

/ Organic
/ Caffeine free
/ Non-irradiated
/ Gluten and Dairy Free
/ Vegan 
/ No GMO

Approx. 50 serves

Traditionally used for:
Fennel seed: boosts milk production & can soothe digestion for both mumma and bub
Goats Rue: One of the best known herbs for  boosting breast milk production
Caraway seed: Carminative – Relief from colic & wind & also milk production
Spearmint Leaf: A sweet and refreshing uplift to help when you're feeling tried and additionally assist with digestion and colic
Nettle leaf: A nutritive herbs, hat supports healthy iron levels and restores exhausted mums.
Rose petal : Calms the nervous system and eases the soul on those hard days
Moringa  promotes or increases the flow of a mother's milk. It has been used since ancient times to boost breast milk supply as well as providing a source of nourishment for babies and mums alike.

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