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  • Probiotics Delivery

    Probiotics and Temperature Sensitive Goods 

     Yes, we can ship probiotics.

    The probiotics we stock are tested to retain potency if exposed to up to 30+ degrees for up to 28 days. If your probiotics arrive warm, this has not changed the efficacy of the probiotic. 

    Our manufacturers ensure high-quality probiotics are selected and ensure stability for up to 28 days out of the fridge. Manufacturers ensure that at time of expiry of the product, it contains probiotic counts listed on the label taking into consider, taking into consideration non-refrigerated transit times.
    Manufacturers have advised the following in regards to temperature sensitive stock.
    "During testing, the Probiotics are exposed to temperatures of 37 degrees or more for over 4 days and there was only a slight loss of bacteria. To cater for this potential loss we overpack all of our products by 20-50% so that at the time of expiry (2 years) we can guarantee that what we say is on the label is actually in the product." 
    “Stability testing has shown that after 3 months, the survival rates of the probiotic strains are similar when they are stored at 25°c, as when refrigerated at 5°c. In addition to this, the significant overage is used in the product to ensure that the CFU count will meet the levels stated on the label at expiry. 
    "Many of the probiotic strains used in our refrigerated probiotics tolerate ambient temperatures quite effectively, showing little viable cell loss when kept for 24 months (2 years) at 23-25°C."
    "Results indicate, exposure to ambient (non-refrigerated) temperature for a period of at least 1 month would not impact the shelf life of the product."
    "Can be unrefrigerated for up to 4 months at 25°c without losing potency". Probiotics do not die off when stored at room temperature, however, refrigeration can maximise long-term viability”
    "Probiotics are viable for up to 28 days outside the fridge at ambient temperature and up to 14 days at 40 degrees Celsius."
    “SAMe 200mg and 400mg has undergone extensive testing and found both remain stable after 6 months of exposure to 30°C at 65% relative humidity".