Signs and Symptoms of Endometriosis

March 11, 2021 2 min read


March is the month to educate and empower women with endometriosis, who are often suffering in silence, often unaware that their symptoms are caused by endometriosis. It’s also the month to educate friends and family with better understanding and compassion for those who have this often debilitating disease.

Endometriosis is a disease where tissue (similar but not the same as the tissue lining the uterus) grows in other areas of the body – most commonly on the bladder, bowel, ovaries, fallopian tubes and the wall of the pelvis.
It has also been found on almost every other organ in the body.

Endometriosis symptoms are not always easy to spot, perhaps explaining why the average time to diagnosis is 7-10 years… Take a moment to think about the symptoms in the image above to be sure those apparently random symptoms aren’t your body’s way of telling you to pay attention and seek out excellent care and support.

Endometriosis Australia describes Endometriosis as the most aggressive benign and debilitating disease facing Australian women today… and yet we are still battling to get the message out there. It’s time ladies – share this post, chat with your tribe about endo!

From all of us at Floralia - You are not alone, your pain is valid and you deserve excellent treatment and care. We’re here for you if you need us.


Common Signs and Symptoms of Endometriosis

NAUSEA AND BLOATING – commonly misdiagnosed as IBS
BRAIN FOG – caused by ongoing pain and the inflammatory cytokines involved
PAINFUL SEX – incredibly uncomfortable and very much underestimated
THORACIC – chest pain, shortness of breath, shoulder pain and dizziness
NIGHT SWEATS - and insomnia
IMMUNE IMBALANCES – seasonal allergies and food intolerances
URINARY – frequent urgency and pain on passing urine
CYCLE ISSUES- irregular periods, irregular bleeds, ovulation pain, clotty flow
INFERTILITY- egg quality issues, implantation failure and more

- Natalie 

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