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  • Top Tips For Maintaining Your Weight In Winter | with Diane Pascoe

    June 14, 2023 3 min read

    Thanks to cooler temperatures and food-centric temptations, sticking to your weight loss goals throughout the Winter months can feel like an uphill battle.

    We are living in a country where many of us are overweight. The official statistics are 2 out of 3 adults and 1 in 4 children are living with obesity or are overweight.

    It is the norm and it is so EASY to be overweight! Most foods that are readily available to us are of the high energy variety. Not to mention, our lifestyles can easily pull us to being more sedentary. These are major factors as to why people tend to be overweight but also a big reason as to why when following a weight loss plan, it feels like you are constantly saying no and have to give food intake and activity levels a lot of thought.

    It can feel like it’s almost to the point of obsession initially, however, it does become easier and like second nature. You just need to find your rhythm and then a reset occurs, which needs to be nurtured.

    When following a plan and obtaining good results, roadblocks and challenges occur such as socialising, holidays and the Winter months. Weight management is all about being mindful and having strategies to keep you on track. During the Summer months, salads are such an easy go to however once the weather gets colder it’s understandable there’s a desire to eat more hearty food which is more likely to have a higher energy content.

    Another factor that may contribute to undoing all the progress you've made over the Summer months, is if you have got into a good exercise routine, only to find its not as enjoyable in the cooler weather.

    Effective Ways To Maintain Your Weight Through Winter

    1. Prioritise protein-rich recipes:

    Cold days call for warming, protein-packed meals. Instead of relying on salads, explore protein-rich soups, leftover vegetable dishes that can be heated, and incorporate grilled tofu or fish into your diet. These options will keep you satiated and deter you from indulging in high-energy comfort foods.

    2. Avoid hunger by planning snacks:

    Hunger, especially when coupled with cold weather, often leads to impulsive, unhealthy snacking. To prevent this, ensure you have nutritious snacks readily available. Stock up on nuts, fruits, or protein bars to stave off hunger and make sensible choices.

    3. Adapt your exercise routine:

    If your current exercise regimen loses its appeal during Winter, consider making adjustments. Change the time of day you engage in physical activity, explore different locations, or experiment with new workout types. Try indoor activities like yoga, Pilates, swimming or weight lifting. The key is to remaining active is finding activities that bring you joy.

    4. Prepare and adapt:

    Recognise that as the weather changes, so should your strategies for staying on track. Prior to Winter's arrival, take the time to plan your meals, stock up on nutritious ingredients, and discover enticing, healthy recipes. By being prepared and open to adapting your approach, you'll be better equipped.

    Diane is an experienced practitioner with an interest in supporting women transitioning through perimenopause, to help them shift the weight, increase their energy levels and feel better.You can book a complimentary 10-minute Discovery Call with Diane here to find out if this is the right fit for you.
    Diane Pascoe, has three decades of experience helping her patients to overcome and manage chronic fatigue, stress and anxiety, low mood, and weight loss, with a particular focus feeling good in every way and enjoying the journey of getting to that point.

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