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  • Top Tips to Stay Healthy this Festive Season

    December 17, 2021 2 min read

    The festive season is upon us so here are my three top tips for navigating the endless social events and disruption to good habits.

    This is especially important for those of us over 45 as it is so easy to indulge and undo all the good work leaving us feeling unwell and unhappy about the extra “thickening” around the middle which is so hard to lose!

    1. This might sound silly to eat before going to a social event however the reason I suggest this is that one of the biggest culprits for adding the kilos and contributing to feeling unwell is the overindulging on the various delicious nibbles such as dips, crackers, chips, soft cheeses and luncheon meats.

    Lining the stomach with a bit of avocado, nuts or a hard cheese before you leave will reduce temptation because you won’t be starving on arrival especially since you are often met with an alcoholic drink which increases your appetite.

    Of course we can all indulge and enjoy at times but when there are events night after night, moderation strategies are necessary.
    Just having the main meal and having a spacer between each alcoholic beverage can make all the difference.

    2. Let’s face it, once you have attended a social gathering for three hours, in that time you have probably chatted to everyone and consumed enough liquid and delicious treats, staying longer only means you will be consuming more. Unless you are waiting for a bride and groom to leave or midnight at a New Year party it’s pretty easy leave and feel happy to go on a high note and not feel “toxic” the next day.

    3. The holiday period is a great time to start exercising on a regular basis whether you are signing up to Pilates classes, joining a gym/outdoor training, downloading a running app or attending yoga classes.

    After doing a few sessions you enjoy, you will notice you feel fantastic afterwards then you are more likely to include it in your routine when you get back to work.
    For those who normally exercise regularly this is the time to do even more! You are less likely to “party on” if you know you are going for a run or a bike ride the next day.

    Finishing holidays feeling like you need a “detox” and to lose a few kilos isn’t a great way to start the year. Far better to feel well and rejuvenated.

    - Diane 

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