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  • Floralia

    BirthWell Herbal Tea

    BirthWell Partus Prep Tea 115g Bag

    Ingredients: Raspberry Leaf, Nettle Leaf, Spearmint Leaf 

    These are herbs traditionally used in the last weeks of pregnancy to help tone and prepare the uterine muscles for labour. Tonifying the uterine muscles in the lead up to labour can lead to a smoother birth process and delivery by helping contractions be more co-ordinated and effective. It also aids in an easier recovery by reducing bleeding and assisting the uterus to contract in size following birth.

    Often included in a partus preparator blend are other herbs that reduce stress and anxiety, herbs high in iron and other nutrients, and herbs to support healthy milk production. As you approach the birth of your child, the herbs in this mix will help to soften and tone your cervix, ensure good muscle tone and circulation in your uterus, keep stress levels down and generally assist you in your preparation for an easy, uncomplicated labour and delivery.