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  • Perimenopause Workshop | at Vitality House

    October 06, 2023 3 min read

    This World Menopause Day we will be holding a three-hour Perimenopause Workshop at the stunning exclusive workspace, Vitality House, with Dr Lucy Caratti, Niki Browne-Cooper and Rebecca Tanner.

    While there is often a focus on menopause, many women do not realise that hormonal changes can start up to 12 years before a woman actually reaches menopause. In addition, this period of hormonal transition is a critical health window that can predetermine your physical and psychological health for your post-menopausal life. Women from the age of 35+ can really benefit from certain interventions to ensure they are thriving well into menopause.

  • Dr Lucy Caratti will share her insights on how to smoothly transition through perimenopause into menopause.
  • Niki from @innersweat will guide you through a Qi Gong practice to nourish and connect with your mind, body and spirit
  • Experience the benefits of auriculotherapy and learn more about how acupuncture can support you with Rebecca Tanner.

  • What is Qigong?

    Niki is an experienced instructor of Qigong, an ancient form of exercise that has been gaining popularity in recent years for its numerous benefits to overall health and well-being. Qigong, which translates to ‘energy practice,’ works by clearing blockages in our internal systems and promoting the free flow of energy throughout our body. This process can help purge toxins from our system, strengthen key organs, and improve our overall energy levels, mood, sleep, skin, immunity, and more.

    Niki's journey with Qigong began when she was struggling with a range of health issues, including debilitating migraines, low mood, anxiety, weight gain, and low energy. Frustrated with the limitations these health problems were placing on her life, she began to explore alternative approaches to health and wellness. It was through this exploration that she discovered Qigong, and it has since become a transformative force in her life.

    The session will take you through one-minute rituals that you can easily incorporate into your daily routine. These simple practices will help you to truly nourish yourself and give yourself the self- love you deserve. Whether you're looking to improve your physical health, boost your energy levels, or simply find greater peace of mind, Niki's expertise and guidance can help you on your journey towards greater well-being.

    What is auriculotherapy?
    Ear seeding is a needle-free form of acupressure (auriculotherapy). It dates back to the 1950s when French neurologist Dr. Paul Nogier demonstrated that specific areas of the outer ear corresponded with certain parts of the body. He noted that pressure applied to an area of the ear alleviated various health issues in the corresponding organ.

    Originally this method was practiced using the tiny seeds from the vaccaria flower due to their small size and purported energetic healing benefits.

    Today, auriculotherapy is used by acupuncturists and Chines Medicine practitioners

    Unlike Traditional Chinese Medicine, which focuses on meridians, auriculotherapy points correspond to western body systems, as mapped by Dr Nogier, and are based on the modern knowledge of the body’s nervous system. Vaccaria seeds and small steel balls are used, also known as ear pellets are used today to stimulate various nerve points on the outer ear and restore vitality to various organs and areas of the body.

    The therapy has undergone decades of research, with a number of peer-reviewed studies showing its effectiveness in relieving everything from stress, anxiety and pain to weight issues, migraines, hormonal/fertility issues and insomnia.

    Event Details

    DATE Wednesday, 18 October

    TIME 6:00pm - 9:00pm

    LOCATION Vitality House, 4 Southport St, West Leederville

    TICKETS Tickets are limited.

    Book your ticket here.

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