Podcast: The Pill Explained with Emily Bathgate

January 21, 2023 1 min read

Originally a ground-breaking tool for both female empowerment and contraception in the 1960s, Emily shines a light on how the Pill works and the many myths surrounding it, in order to reclaim true empowerment through the power of informed decision-making.

In this episode Emily discusses:

  • the history of the Pill, and how its conception (pun intended!) changed the game for birth control for women
  • How the Pill works: by preventing ovulation
  • The efficacy - both realistic and idealistic - of the Pill
  • Some of the common reasons many women are prescribed the Pill (other than for contraception)
  • The Pill’s hormones, and how they differ to human hormones
  • Why a Pill-bleed isn’t a period
  • Some of the common side-effects of Pill use, including depression and weight gain
  • Post-Pill conditions and syndromes, including post-pill acne, and why they occur
  • Arguments for the Pill and non-hormonal contraceptive alternatives
  • Plus so much more!

    Looking to ditch your Pill? You can take more of a deep dive into Emily's latest Journal post, Post Pill Acne. You can book an initial consultation with Emily here.
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