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  • Salt and Rainbows

    Citrine Salted Caramel Candle

    This candle raises vibrations to magnify material and spiritual abundance in your life.

    Citrine releases negative energy including depression and fears, and raises your self-esteem and self-confidence all while sending out vibes that attract wealth, prosperity and success.

    Attract joy and abundance with this sweet treat concocted of rich caramel top notes with a dash of salty goodness, poured over a silky base of vanilla bean and condensed milk.

    Open yourself up to the universal energies that want to give you happiness and success with these revitalising notes of lemongrass and lemon verbena blended with fresh cedar wood, over a creamy base of vanilla and musk.

    400g hand-poured soy wax blend candle. Approximately 60 hours of burn time. Vegan-friendly wax and fragrance. Australian-made goodness. Ethically sourced crystals.