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  • BioMedica

    IB-Pro 90caps

    A comprehensive formula to manage both gastrointestinal symptoms and their contributing mental stress symptoms. Traditionally established herbs for GIT irritation and mild inflammation, includes herbs used in traditional Western herbal medicine: 

    • For the relief of bloating, flatulence and dyspepsia
    • For their antispasmodic and carminative effects

    Lemon balm is traditionally used in Western herbal medicine to support healthy mood balance and relieve symptoms of stress.

    Chamomile is traditionally used in Western herbal medicine for nervous indigestion and mild gastrointestinal inflammation.

    The following substances have not been used in the production of this product:

    • Dairy, wheat, yeast, egg, soy, lactose, glucose, sucrose, fructose
    • Sulphates/sulphites, gelatin, crustaceans, nuts, gluten

    However, the finished product has not been tested to confirm the absence of these substances. 
    Vegan friendly.

    • Use in children under 12 years is not recommended
    • Do not use while breastfeeding, pregnant or if likely to become pregnant
    • Dietary supplements should not replace a balanced diet