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  • Orthoplex

    LM II 60 tabs

    Detoxification support.

    Provides highly bioavailable curcuminoids, low heavy metal zinc and methylcobalamin, along with essential nutrients. For support of phase II detoxification pathways: glutathionation, sulphation, glucuronidation, glycination, methylation, acetylation. The formula may help to:

    • Support immune system health
    • Support the healthy function of the liver
    • Support natural liver detoxification processes
    • Reduce the effects of free radicals by providing antioxidants

    Free from gluten, dairy and soy protein. Vegan friendly.


    • Contains sulphites
    • Refrigerate after opening
    • Not recommended in pregnancy and lactation
    • Contraindicated: Levodopa, Ceftriaxone, Dolutegravir, Elvitegravir
    • The maximum recommended daily dosage (3 tablets) contains 81 mg of potassium
    • Contains selenium which is toxic in high doses and a daily dose of 150 μg for adults from dietary supplements should not be exceeded
    • Dietary supplements should not replace a balanced diet