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  • Floralia

    Marshmallow Soother Tea


    Handmade in our apothecary using only organic herbs, this naturopathically blended herbal tea is a game changer for those pesky sore throats and coughs that seem to linger at this time of year. These medicinal herbs are packed with antimicrobial properties - great for fighting off bacteria - and will help to calm and soothe sore throats and inflammation. The palette profile of this tea balances the dances between earthy and citrus-laced, savoury but also sweet, and slightly woodsy with flowery undertones.

    Directions for use: To brew, steep 1 tsp per cup of boiled water for 5-7 mins and enjoy all winter long.

    Ingredients: Marshmallow root. Liquorice root. Lemon myrtle. Thyme. Sage.

    / Organic

    / Caffeine free

    / Non-irradiated

    / Gluten and Dairy Free

    / Vegan 

    / No GMO