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  • MediHerb

    Medimag Cognition Pwd 180gm

    Support cognition and healthy mood balance.

    A highly bioavailable form of Magnesium with BacoMind®, saffron, acetyl-L-carnitine and key B vitamins, zinc and tyrosine. It may help to

    • Supports general mental wellbeing
    • Enhance memory and learning ability
    • Support thyroid gland health and function
    • Improve attention span and cognitive performance
    • Support brain function and synthesis of neurotransmitters

    No added gluten, soya bean, milk, lactose, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, crustacea, egg or sesame seeds. No added artificial sweeteners, artificial flavours or colours.



    • Caution in pregnancy and lactation
    • Contains trace amounts of sulphur dioxide
    • Contraindicated in people with alkaptonuria and tyrosinaemia
    • Stop taking this medication if you experience tingling, burning or numbness and see your healthcare practitioner as soon as possible
    • Contains vitamin B6
    • Dietary supplements should not replace a balanced diet