BicoZn 60 caps

A combination of zinc bis-glycinate (TRAACS®) with zinc citrate and co-factors vitamin B6 and magnesium. It may help to:

  • Assist in the synthesis of neurotransmitters and support healthy mood balance
  • Provide antioxidant support, helping reduce free radical damage to body cells
  • Maintain haemoglobin synthesis and assist healthy red blood cell production
  • Support healthy immune system function
  • Support healthy reproductive hormones
  • Support skin repair and wound healing
  • Support nervous system function

The following substances have not been used in the production of this product:

  • Dairy, gluten, yeast, egg, soy, crustaceans, gelatin, tree nuts, peanuts
  • Lactose, glucose, sucrose, fructose
  • Sulphates/sulphites, salicylates

However, the finished product has not been tested to confirm the absence of these substances. 
Vegan friendly.

  • This product contains zinc which may be dangerous if taken in large amounts or for a long period
  • Dietary supplements should not replace a balanced diet

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