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  • Dr Wolff

    Vagisan Lactic Acid 7 Pessaries

    Prevents vaginal infections.

    Dr Wolff's Vagisan Lactic Acid 7 Pessaries help balance vaginal pH and restore natural vaginal health. With lactic acid, the easy-to-use pessaries can help to prevent reoccurring vaginal infections to help keep your intimate area fresh and healthy.

    Dr Wolff’s Vagisan Lactic Acid vaginal pessaries help maintain and restore natural vaginal pH levels. It quickly and effectively acidifies the vaginal environment, at the same time adjusting it to the normal pH level in the vagina. Moving the vagina back to its healthy pH level can help to prevent recurrent vaginal infections.

    Safe to use daily and with condoms and diaphragms.


    • Always read the instructions for use
    • Follow the instructions for use
    • If symptoms persist, talk to your health professional